Join us for our Annual General Meeting this Saturday

Join us for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) this Saturday from 2-4PM (UK time), as we discuss our work over the past year or so and look forward to the future. The meeting will be virtual, held on Zoom and you can sign-up for free on Eventbrite.

We'll review how we have used our funds - entirely supported by individual donations from members of the general public -, how we have worked to support the Chagossian community and reflect on some of many developments of the past few years in the Chagossian community's struggle for justice.

We will also seek views on the future of UK Chagos Support Association as an independent organisation. Please read this proposal before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and share your views either at the meeting or contacting We are especially keen to hear views from all sections of the Chagossian community.

In short, we propose a gradual winding up of UK Chagos Support Association over the next year. This would ensure the Chagossian community themselves are recognised as the clear leaders of their struggle for justice. Instead, we propose to create a new organisation focused soley on our work raising funds to support projects Chagossian community groups and individuals facing hardship.

As an individual group of volunteers, all of members would of course be happy to continue to support any Chagossian campaign.

Please read the proposal and get in touch with any thoughts. We emphasise this is only a proposal at this stage and we aim to gather as many views from the Chagossian community as possible before finalising this proposal.

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