Send season's greetings that support Chagossians

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We've worked with the brilliant Audrey Albert, an artist with Chagossian heritage, to create some special festive cards that will support our work backing the Chagossian community.

Make a minimum donation of £5 to get 5 cards, 10 to get 10 cards and so on. Though if you can donate more, that would be greatly appreciated. We'll be in touch to confirm how many cards you need.

Then, we'll get these sent out to you as soon as possible. We are based in the UK and happy to send overseas, but please bear in mind there will be an extra cost to us for postage and it may take longer to arrive.

Use this link or the button below to donate via Paypal or by credit card. For more ways to donate and get our cards, please contact our Treasurer Peri Batliwala directly by emailing

Preview of the cards - front view and inside message

As with all donations to UK Chagos Support Association, your donation will be used solely to support the Chagossian community and to raise public support for the Chagossian struggle for justice.

In the few years, we've given thousands of pounds of crisis grants to Chagossians facing extreme financial hardship - particularly in recent months owing to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We've also supported numerous community projects, including community sports projects, venue hire, recreational trips for elderly Chagossians and funded a series of specialist English language classes.

And although the majority of our campaigning work does not require money, we have helped fund inspiring Chagossian protests in Trafalgar Square (see below) and ensure strong Chagossian presence in Parliament when MPs are discussing the community's future.

None of this would be possible without people like you making small individual donations - thank you so much for your support. We have no staff and no offfices, so every penny of your donation will go directly to our work and every penny really matters.

Hope you have a wonderful festive season and remember to donate today to get some of our very limited supply of cards.

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