Urgent: Stop a Chagossian being deported from the UK in 2019

Stop the second deportation: help Christopher stay with his family in the UK
Young Chagossian Christopher - not his real name - is facing deportation from the UK after being detained by immigration authorities a few days ago.

He urgently needs £2000 to complete a visa application to stop this happening. UK Chagos Support Association has provided £350 already but we need to raise much more.

Christopher's community are all-too-familar with deportation.

His grandfather's generation were deported, under UK government orders, from the then British colony of the Chagos Islands in the 1960s and 1970s. And his own threatened deportation is a direct consequence.

UK citizenship only passes down one generation. So although his grandfather and mother are British citizens, because his grandmother was born on the then-British colony of Chagos, Christopher is not. Because his grandftaher was deported, his mother was not born on Chagos.

Long-term this shambolic and disgraceful legal situation needs to change. But right now Christopher needs our money to stop the deportation officials have told him could come any day.


He could be deported to Mauritius at any time. A country where he has few connections having left as a child over 7 years ago. This would separate him from his family, including younger siblings who depend on him.


A lawyer is working for free for Christopher, so all you're money will go straight to the visa application for indefinite leave to remain the country.

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