Write to journalists.


The outrageous treatment of the Chagossians was kept quiet for many years and is only gradually becoming better known. It is therefore absolutely critical to tell those in power that you know, and that you care.


Write letters to your local paper or a national newspaper.


Letters in newspapers can be a very effective way of raising awareness of an issue to a large audience. They can also bring home to policy-makers that people care.


You could write either to local or national newspapers. Check their websites for the email address for readers letters.


You can contact freelance journalists about Chagos quickly and easily via many websites, including; journalistdirectory.com


The plight of the Chagossians sadly appears very rarely in the media. But Diego Garcia is often in the news because of the US military base on the island. Every time a newspaper reports Diego Garcia, why not remind the journalist or editor that the inhabitants have been removed? Or when a news report mentions the governments professed commitment to human rights, why not write a letter on the gross violation of human rights in the case of the Chagossians? The more publicity there is on the plight of the Chagossians, the better, and the more pressure this puts on policy-makers to act justly.


Why not try asking what journalists think about Chagos via social media too? Try these to get started:


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Political Journalists on Twitter

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